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About Us

“People are incomplete without meaningful relationships, but sweat engaging! Parley makes interacting a breeze - at work and socially.”

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Have you ever worked far from home, or been traveling and JUST WANTED TO M-E-E-T SOME PEOPLE! (We have.)

Have you ever thought it would be nice to interact with lots of people your own age, eligible people to date, groups with similar interests, cocktail party guests or the regulars at your favorite haunt? (We have.)

Have you ever wondered what happened to p-l-a-y ? Other than athletes, musicians and entertainers, few adults play in our society, especially together. What’s up with that?


That’s why we invented Parley. Parley BRIDGES GAPS and:

  • Enables people to bridge gaps for others
  • Adds to the fun of our daily grind
  • Champions community
  • Celebrates businesses
  • And promotes humanity

Celebrating Human Relationships

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Have FUN Meeting People (with a game that takes away the uggh)

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Us Enjoying Us


(pronounced Fet - like Met)

Parley is a friend-builder.

  • We began in 2003 with our first paper version (called Kahutz)
  • Struggled to get to market for a long time with the many difficulties that a group game presents
  • And landed upon the idea of a digital format for the game pieces in 2020 (using the original digital artwork created by Paul Friedrich,

We’re so pleased that Fête’s platform is going live, because:

  • Technology has brought people together from all different backgrounds, genders, races, creeds and cultures faster than we’ve created tools to help us realize how cool we all are!
  • By practicing the art of socializing together, we’re helping to build a more humane world.
Picture of Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson

Chief Imaginer, Lover of dominoes, tennis, uker, golf, piano & contra dancing, and looking forward to playing public games of Parley & other versions of Fête Games.

Picture of Larry Henson

Larry Henson

Retired IBM Architect & the Brains of Fête’s backend development

Christine Olson

Fête’s Front-end Developer and curator of the user experience. Amateur musician and singer, happy camper and costumer for her cosplaying son.

Katherine (Capt.) Kirk

Fête’s Database Engineer & Implementor Extraordinaire

But what WE want to know is:

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“Who’s YOUR Bestie?”
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