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Fête FAQ

Welcome to Parley’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Play FAQ


Minimum & Maximum number of players in Parley:

20 - 5000 (for a convention)

Length of time for game play:

1 - 2 hours, depending on the group size

Fête - pronounced Fet - like Met

What do I need to play Parley?

Bring a charged phone to trade game piece with others, and maybe a charging cord in case you need one. If using a Chrome or Brave Browser, you might be able to increase performance site speed by going to: Settings, Performance, and turning on the Memory Saver.

What happens at a Parley game?

Hosts check everyone in on arrival, explain the game, players negotiate billion dollar deals from their financial portfolios for 30 - 45 minutes, then the Host leads everyone in tallying their portfolios (scoring), after which the games 6 winners are calculated.

What is a “social game”?

We use the term “social game” to mean a game that is used by groups of people and gatherings to create walking interaction and face-to-face engagement amongst guests, in order to break the ice and get better acquainted.

Can you talk about the length of time it takes to play and why it varies?

If there are 20 players, everyone will have traded game pieces with each other a few times after 25 minutes of play, and people won’t feel the need to trade assets with each other anymore. If there are 100 players, people may enjoy trading for 40 minutes, because there are a lot more people to meet and chat with. Also, checking-in 20 people will take less time than checking-in 100 people. So, the size of the gathering determines the length of time that the game will take.

Are there prizes?

Fête Games does not supply prizes, but your Host might.

Should I wear a costume?

Not unless you want to. Some Hosts may encourage or require costumes, others may not specify. Read each Host’s game description to get a feel for the type of event they’re offering.

Can I play and/or access Parley on any device?

Yes, phone, tablet or computer, just go to our website ( and login for access. Apple, PC or Android are all compatible

Is it hard to play Parley, seems complicated?

Playing Parley is really obvious, because it’s all about buying, selling and trading things (money & assets), which we all do almost every day. The tricky part is that there is a component of chance (where the Host rolls a dice at the end of the game to determine Asset values). So, deciding on which Assets to keep and which to sell involves unknowns, and might change how you want to play each game.

Why is the minimum number of players 20?

Fête is a socializing game, so playing with less than 20 people can be dizzying! For example, playing with 10 people would only take about fifteen minutes for everyone to talk to everyone else, so the game would be over in no time, and not as much fun. The more the merrier!

Why are there 2 charges per game, one for game credits and the other for a Host fee?

Fête Games charges 1 game credit per player to play Parley. Hosts purchase these game credits for their guests. In turn, Hosts can choose to either provide the game for free (Company events, fundraisers, one friend buying for a group of friends), or the Host can charge a fee to reimburse themselves or to make money as a small business running social games.

Is Parley a game that you play once and that’s it, or is it fun to play over and over?

Parley is fun to play over and over! Why? Because each time you may be a different character with different assets and objectives, and those that you’re playing with may be different characters with different assets and different fun Land Cards, giving the game a whole new spin. But the REAL reason why Parley is so fun, is that the game is all about the PEOPLE that you’re playing with and the dynamics of THAT enjoyable event. Parley is a people-game; it’s about meeting people up close and personal, and enjoying the magic of human engagement. It is about the opportunity to move, and to play with other adults, in an ingenious, creative and imaginative way. And, if you meet a player that you don’t jibe with as well, you have an excellent reason to move on to your next transaction, because the game clock is ticking and financial portfolios await.

How can Hosts make money running Parley games?

Hosts charge whatever admission fee they choose for admittance into their game. So, after purchasing game credits, the Host keeps the remainder of the admission fee. Hosts may want to offer dancing or DJ services after the game, for an extended event offering more value for an even higher fee.

What is the “FRIENDS” Section of the Profile Page?

During game play if you meet another player that you’d like to keep in touch with, you can ask to become their “Friend.” You send them your “Friend Code” and from that point on your Stats will be visible to them, along with whatever games you RSVP. If they send you their “Friend Code”, you’ll be able to see their Stats and RSVP’s, in case you want to meet up with them at another game.

Are my player stats saved somewhere from game to game?

Yes, player stats are saved in the Player Section of your Profile Page. Also, Host stats are saved under the Host Section of the Profile Page, and Biz stats are saved under the Biz Section of the Profile Page.

Can I attend a public Parley game if I don’t know anyone?

Yes, in fact that was the first inspiration for Parley. To create fun guest engagement, even among people who don’t know each other, so that everyone will have a wonderful time. Parley is a great way to dig into local communities, meet new people while traveling, get out of your hotel room if you’re working remotely, and make new friends wherever you go.

It doesn’t seem that a game can really bring people together or help them to connect, since it’s just about entertainment. Why do you say that it does these things?

Because we’re really the most ourselves when we are relaxed, having a good time, laughing, smiling and enjoying ourselves. When we are happy, our bodies release hormones into our system that relax our nervous system and brain, actually opening up our ability to “sync up” with people neurologically, and achieve the state of “flow” and “synchronicity.” It is in this state that we reach optimum performance, feel unburdened, creative, able to think outside the box, and explore wider regions of ourselves and our curiosity about others than we may previously have known.


How does a person play the Racketeer character? It seems difficult...

The Racketeer is a strong character in the game, because s/he has assets that RUIN particular assets (Glass Gems, Counterfeit Cash, Fools Gold, Bust Stocks, Stolen Bank Deposits) and a Bankruptcy Card that spoils a whole Portfolio. Knowing this, players use their creativity to “suggest” that others may want to give them a “donation” to stay on their good side.... (for example). What can you think of? Perhaps a Lupin-type gentleman burgler approach.

Why aren’t Bank Deposits rolled for their Final Market Value during the game? And, why even have them if that’s the case?

Bank Deposits are a form of CASH, and cash, in Parley, is face value. The value of having Bank Deposits versus CASH is that Bank Deposits are HIDDEN during an IRS Audit, and will only be included in one’s taxable assets if it is FOUND by a roll of the IRS Dice. Otherwise, Bank Deposits and Cash are the same (except for Banks and the IRS who ONLY count CASH on their final Scorecards).

How do Banks know what to charge for gems, gold and stock?

All players in Parley, including Banks, make up their own values for their goods and services during play. However, if the price is too high, people won’t buy! So, it’s a self-correcting business deal. Bartering and negotiations are definitely a big part of Parley, and a lot of fun for human engagement. The Bank also has a Bank Dice that they can roll as a starting point (or end point) of a trade’s price. It is up to the Bank and the player with whom they’re negotiating.

What does the Attorney do?

The Attorney helps players out in an audit. At the start of the game, the IRS and the Attorney are on the hunt for one another! Once they find each other, they can begin auditing players, so use the head-start to make deals and balance your assets before an audit. The Attorney has an Audit Calculator. S/he will bring up your Financial Portfolio and run it through the Audit Calculator to determine your Audit Results (whether you owe money to the IRS or the IRS owes money to you).

How do we “balance our assets” to do well in an audit?

Just like life, CASH is taxed quite heavily, while other assets are variable. Similarly, if you have a lot of cash in your hand, without tax write-offs such as Charity donations and land, then you’ll be taxed on the full amount of your cash. Tax-write-offs (Charity donations & land) reduce your tax burden by $1 Billion each. Gems, gold, stock and Bank Deposits count only if they are rolled on the IRS dice. So, buying and selling things strategically is the best way to “balance your assets”.

What if someone doesn’t pay the Thief 1 asset card, after the Thief has heard them say “taxes”, “money” or “IRS”?

Then the Thief will go to the Host/Co-Host and notify them, and the player will have $5 Billion deducted from their Scorecard at the end of the game.

What is the penalty for fleeing the IRS?

$75 Billon is deducted from the player’s Scorecard at the end of the game for fleeing an IRS audit.

How does the Lotto Card work?

If you buy a Lotto Card from the Charity (who has them at the start of the game), or from anyone else as the game unfolds, and you get audited by the IRS, you have a chance to win the lottery. When the IRS rolls its IRS Dice, if “Lotto” pops up - you get 5 Asset Cards from good ole’ Uncle Sam! (But you still get audited, so you may want to collect your 5 Cards after the audit.)

It seems that there aren’t a lot of rules to Parley, just different objectives for different characters, is that right?

Yes, that’s true. The game has intentionally been left with most of its interaction free of constraints, in order to encourage fun, flowing, authentic engagement.

Sometimes when I am trading assets with others I get an error message stating that I haven’t entered the necessary information, but I have. Why does this happen?

Parley’s database can take a half second and more to load the related data during play. The game is shuffling through a lot of players, assets, numbers, internet speeds and connectivity issues, and we might be pressing buttons faster than it is ready to receive input. After a trade, you may want to check the top of the page for the blue status bar to complete its journey, or, when trading Land Cards, wait until the dropdown menu has moved from grey to black (indicating that it is ready).

We’re thinking of playing Parley at our family reunion to encourage lots of interaction. Can family members who aren’t able to attend in person play Parley digitally from their homes?

It is possible if you utilize a split screen on your devices for a second platform like Zoom or WebEx so that in-person guests and digital guests have a way to interact. However, Fête Games does not offer this service on its platform directly, and the streaming of video may slow down trading and various operations of the game. You’ll need to talk to your digital provider for more information about running a hybrid game at your event.

In order to ensure that you have a safe & good time:

Please use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to stay and play Parley at any particular Fête gathering, as we are not able to assess the character or intentions of hosts.

Fête Games does not charge players for Game Credits, in order to make it as easy as possible for you to leave a site in which you don’t feel completely comfortable and safe.

Thank you for playing it safe & game on!

Host FAQ

Why is a Host needed to play Parley?

Parley is a game for groups of people. It would be difficult for 50 - 200+ people to organize themselves without an appointed person to complete all the tasks associated with hosting a game.

What are the duties of hosting?

A Host creates a game (by filling out the Create a Game Form), assembles 6+ prizes for the 6 Winners, secures a location at which to play, checks-in guests at game time and collects an admission fee if they are charging for one, greets everyone, explains how to play (with a mock demonstration of a trade), presses the START button to distribute player game pieces thereby allowing players to trade, assigns any penalties during play (for not paying the Thief or fleeing an IRS audit), answers player questions during play, STOPS play (and the ability to trade, once players have had sufficient time to negotiate deals and have a wonderful time together), rolls a dice to set the Final Market Value of assets (gems, gold, stock, 8 land categories & Charity Gift Cards), verifies the Winners and sends the Winner Notifications to all players, distributes prizes to the Winners, and wraps up the game - thanking everyone for playing and taking time to meet one another.

How do Hosts create a game?

Hosts complete the “Create a Game” form, writing a description of what their Fête Game will include, including: DATE, TIME, PLACE, Description, and COST. After submitting their game form, Fête reviews the game for appropriateness and, if approved, the game will be visible via the SEARCH bar of the Homepage, and available for RSVP.

What is the difference between a Public and a Private game?

A Public game is visible to anyone using the SEARCH. A Private game is only visible to the people who have been given the Game Code by the Host, and can only be RSVP’d by these people.

What happens if people create inappropriate games?

In order to maintain a conducive, safe and fun environment for all, Fête Games reserves the right to deny access to the Fête platform to any people that don’t observe our Terms & Conditions and other Legal Agreements.

Does it cost any money or even game credits to create a game that can be found on the homepage SEARCH?

Currently, Fête Games doesn’t charge Hosts a fee to create and post games. But, to use the game Platform to play a game of Parley, and to be able to Check-in guests and provide them with game pieces, Hosts have to purchase 1 credit per player.

How does Fête get paid?

Hosts purchase game credits from Fête Games, which are stored in the Host Credit Chest, Profile page. As each guest Checks-in, one game credit is removed from the Hosts Credit Chest.

How can a Host make money Hosting a Fête game?

Hosts can choose to charge an admission fee or not. Casual games among friends and family may not charge, as well as icebreakers and team- building events hosted by employers at work, but for Hosts overseeing play for public or private events, they will want to be compensated for providing engaging entertainment to their guests. These Hosts can choose whatever they want to charge.

How do Hosts collect the admission fee that they charge?

Fête Games recommends that Hosts use a ticketing platform for the ease and comfort of collecting their admission. However, Hosts can choose to collect their fees however they like.

Can hosts give game credits to other people?

No, not at this time.

Is there a way to track whether a Guest has paid as well as Checked-in on the Fête platform?

Yes. The Host’s Dashboard has a Check-In List that provides this information. At Check-in, the Host alpha-Searches guests by their Fête Games Player Name, clicks EDIT, clicks Check-in a guest in one column, and PAID in a separate column, and guests are then logged-in to the game and become PLAYERS.

My name doesn’t show up on the Check-in list, but I want to play the game. What do I do?

You have to first RSVP the game that you want to attend in order for your name to appear on the Check-in List and pay the admission fee if the Host is charging one; then, the Host will edit your attendance status and paid status to YES, and you will be given entry to the game.

Will I be able to see my game pieces after checking-in, prior to the start of the game?

No. The Host has to push the Game START button to distribute game pieces to players all at the same time, after welcoming guests and introducing the game.

If we want to Host a game of Parley but not Emcee the event ourselves, do you have any recommendations for finding a good Emcee?

In the past, we have had success hiring professional actors. They are proficient in memorizing scripts and lines, following a protocol, dealing with lots of different kinds of people, being flexible yet professional, and putting people at ease. We’ve used GigSalad, LinkedIn, Backstage, and local thespian associations.

What do co-hosts do?

With groups of 40 to 50+ players, it is helpful to the Host to have at least 1 co-host to help speed-up the process of checking-in guests, answering any questions during play, assigning penalties against players who flee the Thief or IRS, and to award prizes. During play, co-hosts and the host can communicate via a typed log on their Dashboards.


What is a Land Card?

A land card is one of the game Parley’s 5 Assets: Gems, Gold, Stock, Land and Billions of Dollars. Players buy, sell and trade these assets during game play to increase the value of their Financial Portfolios. Land cards are essentially fictional real estate, which falls into one of eight categories, including - home, cafe, hotel, entertainment, culture, biz, sports, and travel. At the end of the game, the Host rolls a dice for each land card category to calculate each player's Financial Portfolio (Scorecards).


How long are Free Land Cards available?

Free Land Cards last around 6 months; so, remake yours at least every 6 months if you still want one.

Can I edit my land card(s)?

No. Land Cards need to be deleted and remade, as they have to go through an approval process by Fête Games for suitability for the public. All Land Cards must be G-rated, and suitable for all audiences, to obtain approval.

How do I use the coupons on the Land Cards?

Land Cards will appear in the Biz section of your Profile page. When you visit a business, you can show them your coupon to receive a discount. Coupons may only last for two weeks post-play, so you may not want to wait.


How long are the $5 Additional Land Cards available?

$5 Additional Land Cards last for 6 months, the same as free Land Cards.


How long are Custom Game Decks available?

Custom Game Deck Images last for a minimum of 1 year, and can be used as many times as you like.

How are Land Cards created for the Game Decks?

For single Land Cards, fill out the “Create a New Land Card” form. For 350 card custom decks we will supply a spreadsheet and instructions

What if I want a Custom Deck of Land Cards for a 300-person or 800-person game?

You may want to purchase 2 or more Custom Decks of 350-Land Cards, and then, as the Host of the game, choose multiple decks for your game.

Can I use some of my Land Cards from one Deck to build a second, separate Deck?

While you can add one or more decks to a game, you can’t move the cards from one deck to another.

Why would I want to create a Custom Deck?

If you have a large property with many assets, such as a museum, art gallery, or resorts for example - a company could use a Custom Deck to highlight all of its properties around the country or world, along with their amenities (restaurants, bars, gift shops, spas, golf courses and special offerings). This way, people would be able to experience various properties or assets in a fun way. A company may also want to use a deck for their sales teams.

Can the coupon line be used for information rather than offering a coupon?

Yes, with a limited number of characters only.

How are the Land Cards created for the Game Decks?

For Custom & Convention Decks, you’ll complete a spreadsheet, with columns for:

  1. The number of each Land Card in their order of appearance (if you only need 100 Land Cards, only the first 100 will be used, so more important Land Cards should be prioritized first)
  2. Square image 300px by 300px
  3. Name & Info (such as City & State)
  4. Coupon (or more information)
& Contact information for the name of the person in charge of the project.


Can we reuse Convention Decks too?

No. Convention Decks can be built up to 6 months prior to the Convention, used at the convention, and have an expiry 2 weeks after the convention date.

What happens to the Convention Deck Coupons after play?

Convention Deck Coupons remain on the Player Profile Pages after play, for up to 4 weeks after the Convention.