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The only thing more fun than playing Parley is Hosting!

A smiling lady wearing a blue sparkling evening dress.
	  She is standing in front of a red stage curtain and pointing her hands to the right.

One thing every event planner knows is how hard it can be to get a group of people to mingle

An overhead view of a group of people
	  socializing and talking in a large room. there is a table filled with food in the bottom of the picture.

But what if your GUEST ENGAGEMENT became as easy as ordering the food, music and drinks?

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	  He is standing in front of a pink background and his eyes are looking to the left with a quizzical expression.
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	  She is working on a laptop computer that is sitting on a low table.


For Work, Business or Pleasure, Hosting is all about conducting events to ensure a great time.

You may want to hire an Emcee or Emcee yourself. Either way, Fête will ensure engagement and:

Assist with Check-in, Automatically Distribute Game Pieces, Trade Player Assets, Tally Scorecards, & Announce Winners

Be sure to have the prizes ready!

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	  She is wearing a yellow sleeveless jumpsuit with small black polkadots, a wide black belt and yellow high healed sandals.


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	  She has an Apple computer on her lap and is concentrating on what she sees on the screen.

“1-2-3” Complete the:

  1. “Become a Host” Form
  2. “Create a Game” Form
  3. Host Packet Reading
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Check-in Your Guests

3 Check-in Options to best suit your needs

An image that contains a green circle with a white check mark and a red circle with a white X mark.


Distribute Game Pieces & Land Cards: Press START to Begin Player Trades & STOP to Cease Trades, Then the Scoring Begins



Somebody HAS to Host and it’s your turn


Meeting Planner or HR?
Here’s a way to liven-up Monday - Friday afternoons & Holidays


Family Reunion?
Everyone will chat with each other & thank you for it


Gala? Fundraiser? Just a swank party? Roll out the carpet & Fête


People everywhere want to meet others for Dating, Friendship & Laughs Set Your Price & They Will Come

A smiling woman in a dark blue sparkling evening dress.
	She is standing in front of a dark background with lights and holding her phone.

What Kind of Host Are You

Fête Games for Entrepreneurs


A picture of a blue sky with clouds. There is skywriting that says: it's all about relationships.

Footing the Bill for your guests?

Corporate Meetings etc.
Purchase enough credits for everyone & give them the Game Code to RSVP for free

a stylized retro drawing of a phone lying on its back on a green background. A small cartoon man is standing
	  next to it with a fishing pole with a gold coin on the line. The suggestion is that he got the money from fishing in the phone

Hosting to Make $$$?

Set your price, along with your date, time, location, description and/or theme; Share on Social Media, Partner with local Bars or Art Galleries - the possibilities are endless

A picture of a pile of gold ingots and coins on a black background

Are You a Great Host?

Corporations, Regional & Local Businesses, Non-Profits & Private Parties Pay Well for Great Emcees!


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Photo attribution: Louis Reed

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

- Helen Keller

Fêtes (pronounced Fets - like Jets) have been celebrated across human civilization for thousands of years with dancing, singing, games, feasts and competitions. Celebrating life and one another is quintessentially human and creatively inclusive. What will you do with yours?

“People who think and feel and work together make civilization.”

- Helen Keller