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Playing Parley

A Social Game for 20-100s

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“What's playing Parley like?”

Welcome to Fête Games!
(pronounced Fet - like Met)

Here you can Host & Play PARLEY.

Hosts create their own Parley Games for players to Search, RSVP & attend in-person.

While playing Parley, players mingle negotiating billion dollar deals face-to-face, and then trade assets on the Player Dashboard (PLAY Page) using their smartphones.

Parley's interactive entertainment is a great new way to meet new people and have fun with friends.

“It’s like winning Lotto & going out to shop!”

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Picture of a lady in a blue dress walking, she has many bracelets on her wrists.


  1. Arrive at game time to Check-In with the Host & pay any admission fee
  2. Players receive their Financial Character on the Player Dashboard:
    • Either a Taxpayer, Charity, Tycoon, Bank, IRS, or 1 of the 4 “Professionals”
    • & a Financial Portfolio with various Assets like: Gems, Gold, Stock, Land & Billions of Dollars) to negotiate & trade
  3. Everyone has something that someone else needs, giving everyone a reason to walk up and chat with others one-on-one
  4. Players buy, sell & trade Assets for 30 - 40 minutes to build their Financial Portfolios
  5. After trading stops, the Host Dice sets the Final Market Value for each Asset - Gems, Gold, Stock & the 8 types of Land
  6. Player Scorecards tally all Assets, determining Parley's 6 Winners:
    1 for each of the 5 Player Groups & the Biggest Philanthropist
  7. Have a great time playing Parley with your friends (old & new!)
Picture of a lady in a blue dress walking, she has many bracelets on her wrists.


  1. After Registration & Login, Press the "Host Parley" or "Create a Game" button
  2. Press the "Become a Host" button to become a Host
  3. Complete the "Create a Game" form & submit
  4. Explore the Host Hub & Host Packet
  5. Purchase 1 Game Credit per Guest (& any prizes)
  6. Welcome & Check-in your Guests at game time
  7. Explain how to play Parley for your Guests
  8. Host Parley using your Host Dashboard to:
    • Start the Game (distributes game pieces to Players)
    • Assign any necessary Game Penalties (for avoiding the Thief & IRS)
    • End the Game (stops the ability to trade assets)
    • Roll the digital Host Dice in “Scoring” to set the Final Market Values for all Assets
    • Notify the Winners
  9. Award Prizes to Parley’s 6 Winners
  10. Thank Your Guests!
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  1. Players 18+ “Search (Public) Games" by entering a city, state or zip in the SEARCH Bar on the Homepage
  2. “Players Search (Private) Games" by entering the Game Code obtained from the Host
  3. Players Register & Login to RSVP Games they plan to attend
  4. Players arrive at the Host’s Game to Check-In, paying any admission fee directly to the Host
  5. Players can review the Game Info/Rules for Parley, and their 1-Minute Character Video prior to game play on the Player Dashboard