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“You can discover more about a person from an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - Plato

Fête Games offer endless adventures into other people’s worlds.

Interactive Play is serious business! Why?


  • Gets us moving, allowing us to feel free & unrestrained
  • Releases uplifting oxytocin in our brains, boosting our mood
  • Stimulates our imagination & creativity expanding our vision of what is possible
  • Enables us to build social connections so necessary for physical & emotional wellbeing

And the best part is, Play is ENJOYABLE!


Parley is played in-person at gatherings by walking around to negotiate billion dollar deals, face-to-face, that are traded via smartphone.

  • The Player Dashboard houses: Your Financial Character (Tycoon, Taxpayer, Bank, IRS, Charity, or 1 of the 4 “Professionals”) & Your Financial Portfolio (Assets: Gems, Gold, Stock, Land & Billions of Dollars).
  • Players buy, sell & trade Assets for 30 - 40 minutes to build their fortunes.
  • When trading completes, the Host rolls a dice to set the final market value of Gems, Gold, Stock & Land (there are 8 types of Land) which tally in each Player’s Scorecard.
  • Each Game has 6 Winners: 1 for each of the 5 Player Groups & 1 Biggest Philanthropist.
collage of asset cards from the Parley game


(Social Games for Groups of 20 - 100's of Guests)

A large tent is set up for a wedding reception.
          There are round tables with green table cloths, flowers, a long table for the wedding party with a white table cloth and a dance floor.


Private Parties
Holiday Gatherings
Family Reunions
Neighborhood Events
HOA Meetings
Church Socials
Community Building

A group of young adults is celebration New Year's Eve on a rooftop patio.  Some of them are holding sparklers.


Dating Networks
Bar Games
Art Gallery Openings
College Orientations
Staff & Alumni Functions
Sorority/Fraternity Parties

An overhead view of a group of people
            socializing and talking in a large room. there is a table filled with food in the bottom of the picture.


Board Meetings
Customer Interaction
Social Networking
Holiday Parties
Employee Engagement
Culture Building


"No road is long with good company."
- Turkish proverb

A group of young adults standing together and striking funny poses.
        It is a sunny day and they are standing in the grass with a lake and mountains in the background.

“The game is well thought out and makes for a very smart and fun evening that goes way too fast.” Anonymous Player, USA

“Excellent and enjoyable way to meet everyone in the room.” Anonymous Player, USA

“Enjoyed finagling with other players!” Anonymous Player, USA

“Loved the process of evolving a strategy.” Anonymous Player, USA

“Fun interacting between players.” Anonymous Player, USA

“My wife and I had just recently attended a social function for my company that, sad to say, was horribly tedious and uninspired at best. We couldn’t help contrasting it with the game - wow! Viva la difference! On our drive home all we could talk about was how much fun we had on many different levels — the roles we played; the skillful design of the game, strategically and graphically; the people we had met and bonded with; how quickly we had picked it up; how wonderful our hosts were (very polished and professional, yet also keeping it relaxed and casual for everyone); and on and on. We were genuinely sad to leave, we wanted so much to play another game. Can’t wait to play again!!” John, Raleigh, NC

“Interesting concept, excellent way to get people interacting.” Anonymous Player, USA

“YAAAAY!!” Anonymous Player, USA

“Intelligent icebreaker. Great way for a group to get to know each other. Very clever.” Anonymous Player, USA

“I was struck at how quickly total strangers began engaging with each other, and everyone was clearly having fun and laughing and wheeling-and-dealing, immersed in their assigned roles.” Anonymous Player, USA


“Loved everything about it.” Anonymous Player, USA

“It’s like DD’s creativity meets Monopoly!” Kayla, Austin, TX


Dear Player, You can broaden your social horizons!


Public Games (open to all)
Private Games (open by game code)


RSVP before Check-in


Meet people, Make money & Have fun
(Game time: 1 - 2 hours)

PARLEY Overview

Before Play, Players:

  1. Search for Parley games (public or private)
  2. RSVP games they plan to attend
  3. Arrive at game time
  4. Check-in with the Host (and pay any admission fee)
  5. Press the PLAYER DASHBOARD button to Play

During the Game, Players:

  1. Receive their game pieces after the Host introduction
  2. Review their Character Card & “What to Know” game overview
  3. Trade assets with others to build their Financial Portfolios (there are no set values during game play)
  4. There are 9 different Characters & Assets:
    1. Banks: Gold, Gems, Stock & Bank Deposits
    2. Taxpayers: Land & Charity Gift Cards
    3. Charities: Lotto Tickets & Write-Offs
    4. Tycoons: Cash
    5. Insurance Agents: Protection against IRS Audits & Calamity Cards (Racketeer)
    6. IRS/Attorneys: Ability to AUDIT
    7. Racketeer: Calamity Cards that ruin Assets
    8. Thief: Eavesdropping (If they hear: “Money”, “Taxes” or “IRS” you have to give them 1 card)

After the Game

  1. When trading ends, Gems, Gold, Stock, Land & Charity Gift Cards (Charities only) are valued by the Host's Dice Rolls
  2. Player Scorecards populate with the Final Asset Values
  3. Revealing the game’s 6 WINNERS:
    • 1 Taxpayer with the highest Taxpayer Scorecard
    • 1 Tycoon with the highest Tycoon Scorecard
    • 1 Professional with the highest Professional Scorecard
    • 1 Charity with the highest Charity Scorecard
    • 1 Bank or IRS with the MOST CASH
    • 1 “Biggest” Philanthropist with the most Charity Write-Offs

Play lasts 1+ hours, depending on the number of Players

How to WIN Parley!

TAXPAYERS Win by having MORE ASSETS than other Taxpayers

CHARITIES Win by having MORE ASSETS than other Charities

TYCOONS Win by having MORE ASSETS than other Tycoons

IRS/BANKS Win by having MORE ASSETS than other IRS/Banks

THE PROFESSIONALS Win by having MORE ASSETS than other Professionals

& Anyone can Win by being The Biggest Philanthropist (having the Most Write-Offs)

How To Win Parley!



  • Bounce
  • Humor
  • Creativity


  • Inclusiveness
  • Respect
  • Discovery


  • Belonging
  • Appreciation
  • Fulfillment
A group of young adults close together outside with trees in the background.
Fête Games - Friends included